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Cannot believe it is the end of my first week of exploring already and I have arrived in CAMEROON!


My original plan when spending a year in Africa was to cross from East to West Africa by leaving Egypt, crossing though Chad and into northern Cameroon. However, the civil crisis broke out in the southern region of Sudan (years later seeing Sudan split into two countries!) that made the plan too dangerous, so I had to fly over the top instead.


What a difference East and West Africa were! I went from hot and dry to hot and humid (very sticky!) in a few hours as the deserts of Egypt were replaced by the tropical forests of Cameroon.


I stayed on the beach alongside old lava flows for a few days in the misty shadow of Mount Cameroon (a volcano), before heading into the jungles. It was a very, very hot, and sweaty few days trekking, with days as warm and humid as the nights. Not easy to sleep!


MAGICAL MEMORIES: A night swim in the warm seas off the tropical beaches of Limbe near Mount Cameroon ... basically because I was too hot to sleep! Trekking through dense jungle and being amazed at how cool and dark it was under the canopy ... compared to the dazzling heat of the open areas! Oh, and losing my much-loved Indiana Jones-style trekking hat from Ecuador deep in the tropical forest. Sad day crying