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Day 6 - KENYA

Cannot believe it is Day 6 of my worldwide trek already. Time to visit KENYA!


Crossing from Tanzania and into Ethiopia I stopped off for a couple of weeks to explore the wonderful country of Kenya. This is a landscape of endless Savannah, topped with the snow-capped Mount Kenya and some wonderful lakes full of life! There are also many famous National Parks to explore in search of the Big Five!


What are the Big Five ... well, that is for you to find out!


I also spent a few days camped at a local school (Kariandusi), where I helped in a community project in the building of a new school building to replace the existing converted cattle shed. Amazing children and teachers, who walked for miles each day to ensure they got a good education. Incredible. Over the years since I went there, the school, through international donations, has transformed itself and the lives of local children.


MAGICAL MEMORIES: Planting my tree in the school's forest ... I wonder how big it will be now? Finally seeing all the members of the Big 5. Oh, and camping in the middle of nowhere alongside a river with Mount Kenya in the distance. WOW!