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Day 5 - JORDAN

For Day 5 of my worldwide adventures, I have landed in the Middle East to visit JORDAN.


This is an amazing country covered in barren mountains and dusty desert. At its heart is the Dead Sea, lying minus 430 metres (yes -430m) below sea level. This means your ears 'pop' as you descend down into the deep depression to find the huge salty sea at the bottom! Definitely worth a Google for more photos and information on this!


It is a country filled with religious history. I visited the spot on the Jordan River where Jesus had his baptism by John (think about the name of our local church) and where Abraham stood and viewed the 'Promised Land' (Israel) from Mount Nebo in Jordan. Wow!


AMAZING MEMORY: A couple here. First was walking through the narrow coloured-sand passageways to discover the hidden city of Petra, with its buildings and temples all carved straight out of the mountainside (also seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!). The second was floating in the Dead Sea - though when I say 'in', I mean more 'on', as the water is SO salty, you almost float 'on' it. You can only stay in for 15 minutes or so as it is called the 'Dead Sea' for a reason and isn't great for your body to stay in too long. By the time I got to the shower, I was covered in white salt crystals and started to look like a snowman!