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Day 4 of my globe-trotting sees me land in Asia and the mountain county of KYRGYZSTAN!


This is an amazing country, with towering mountains and a huge lake in its centre.


The people here we so friendly, with big beaming smiles and lots of gold teeth! Many of the people living in the mountains travel from place-to-place with their herds of animals and live in huge tents, called Yurts.I spent a day learning how to build one from all the different parts that would be carried around on animals ... it was a real team effort and hard work, but a great end result.


AMAZING MEMORY: Always so many to choose from. I think stopping in a remote village in the mountains to buy food and ending up being taught how to milk a horse is something I will never forget. I also loved the big open spaces and camping in the middle of no-where next to lakes and surrounded by mountains. Beautiful.


Oh, I forgot about the silk worms! We went to a family home where they had turned over their entire living room for a couple of months to grow silk worms. 1000's of them. As soon as they turn into a chrysalis, they collect them up and sell them to the silk factory.