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For Day 2 of our virtual world tour, I have chosen Ethiopia.


I am always asked what is my 'favourite country'. Well, they all are. Every nation on Earth has a unique and special landscape, culture and history that makes them all amazing.


But if I had to choose one in Africa that was extra special, it would be Ethiopia.


Crossing from Kenya on my way to Sudan, the landscape of Ethiopia has it all. Towering mountains, huge lakes, grasslands and stacks of wildlife. The people were all so friendly.


It also has some truly unique things about it compared to everywhere else in Africa. The language, writing, food, dance, religion and even calendar are totally different from its neighbours. Even the date is 7 years behind ours!


AMAZING MEMORY: So many to choose from! Standing silently with praying pilgrims at the Church of Saint George in Lalibela at sunrise on a crisp December morning. This church was literally carved out of the mountain itself, built from the top down. Incredible!