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Day 13 - HONG KONG

Day 13 - HONG KONG (okay, technically part of China ... but so unique, I like to consider it a separate country!

Day 13 sees Mr T cross the border (and there IS a border!) from China into HONG KONG


Okay, this is technically part of China, but is an 'autonomous region', so has its own laws and rules separate from the rest of China. Up until 1999 is was owned by the UK, which makes everything about Hong Kong totally unique, being both very Chinese, but also 'not'.


I traveled here as my last stop on my epic drive from London. The first thing I noticed, aside from the skyscrapers and there being so many people packed into such a small space ... expensive! When you're on a budget, Hong Kong was definitely back to London prices even if on the other side of the world.


Amazing territory. Ferry boats take you across the waterways, huge ocean liners moor up on global tours, a giant (massive!) atrium holds 1000's of birds in one of the city parks for you to walk through and chill for lunch, light shows fill the sky every night ... it was a wall of sounds, people and lights. Real culture shock after the endless empty spaces of the Chinese countryside.


AMAZING MEMORIES: First was a shocker. The animal markets. These are BIG news with the coronavirus, but I was gob-smacked by the shocks filled with 1000's of dead and dried exotic species, from shark fins to star fish to lizards to very creature imaginable! The live markets were filled with beautiful birds, fish and wildlife from all over the region. Sadly, for all Hong Kong's sparkling and amazing features ... the 1000's of shark fins drying out on the harbour side in a small fishing port will haunt me for ever.