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Day 12 - BENIN

Today sees Mr T cross into the long thin West African country of BENIN


I came into Benin from its huge neighbour, Nigeria. From the moment I entered, everything changed! The first thing I noticed was that everyone speaks French (compared to English-speaking Nigeria) and that everyone was so immediately friendly! It was still just as hot and humid though!


One of the strangest things I discovered was that just about every religion is equally worshiped here, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim ... and Voodoo (Vodun)! This last one worships various gods, including ones of thunder, war, earth, lightning and iron!


STRONGEST MEMORIES: Visiting the 'Voodoo Markets', where you could buy any part of any plant or animal imaginable. Fascinating ... and creepy ... at the same time! Getting around the towns and cities on the back of 'Scooter Taxi'. This was a lot of fun, very dusty, and just a little bit scary!