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Day 11 - TURKEY

Day 11 sees me visiting the gateway to Asia ... TURKEY!


I came here after a 10 day drive across Europe on my way to Hong Kong. It was my first taste of what crossing Central Asia and the to journey along the fabled Silk Road to China would be about.


I was here in mid-April and it was warm by day but very cool by night ... in-fact, once you got into the mountains, it was very cold indeed, with freezing nights and snow-capped mountains.


Istanbul was amazing. The Mosques, markets and history oozed from every part of the city. From here we visited the ancient town Goreme with its 'fairy tower' cave dwellings and fortress carved into the mountainside.


MAGIC MOMENTS: Visiting a remote monastery built into the side of a mountain (see picture!) and getting lost inside the cave fortress of Uçhisar Castle with its maze of tunnels. Oh, and waking up in my tent, freezing cold after a blizzard ... didn't sleep well, but the stunning snow-covered landscape more than made up for a little bit of discomfort smiley