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For Day 10 of Mr T's continental hoppings, we have landed back in Africa and in BOTSWANA.


Crossing out of Namibia, I took a loop around Botswana before entering neighbouring Zimbabwe.


It is a vast country and far 'richer' than many countries nearby, with wonderfully flat tar-sealed roads ... and far more expensive shopping!


The Chobe National Park is one of the jewels in Botswana's crown, with countless animals to view both on the ground and while drifting along Chobe River that borders Namibia. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to view the animals before the heat of the sun sees everyone running for shade.


I spent 5 days in the Okavango Delta. Most rivers end at a lake or the sea, but the Cubango River simple spreads out far inland to create a huge swampy maze of rivers and streams filled with countless islands before disappearing into the ground. This inaccessible area can only be entered by boat, making it a sanctuary for animals.


MAGICAL MOMENTS: The amazing 'noise' of the Okavango Delta at night. Frogs, insects, distant hippos, the far-off roar of a lion and the buzz of insects. Wow! Also, watching a family of elephants walk into the Chobe River, sink slowly deeper into the water, and then swimming across to the other side, metres from our small boat.