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For Day 1 of this globe-trotting expedition, I have chosen Namibia!


I crossed into Namibia from South Africa on my way to Botswana.


A lot of the country is desert, with sand dunes tumbling right into the sea along the Skeleton Coast. For a bit of fun you can even sand board down the steep slopes wink


To the north is the Savannah grasslands and full of animals, such as giraffe, elephant and cheetah.


The people are amazing and I visited several schools and local communities to experience Namibian life and culture as I camped my way across this beautiful country.


AMAZING MEMORY: Perhaps watching giraffe drink at a remote watering hole and the way the had to crouch down to reach the water ... or maybe getting to stroke a 'pet' cheetah at the Otjitotongwe Cheetah Guest Farm, where hunted cheetahs are brought for protection from farmers and poachers.