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Great British (Year 3) Bake Off - Family Tasting Review

Time to Taste!

Like any good 'Bake Off' creation, it's important for your bakes to be taste tested and reviewed! After all, as those of us who watch 'GBBO' know, even the best looking cakes may not taste that good! 


Now this task is one where your family can join in...


Their task is (if they're brave enough) to taste whatever it is you have baked and review it. Think of them as Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith (or Mary Berry if you're old fans of Bake Off!). 


Once your food has been sampled you (or whoever has tasted it) will need to complete a review of your creation marking it for taste, smell and presentation (look) before giving it an overall comment. 


Your bake can be reviewed by as many people as you like...just don't feed any to your pets!