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Charlotte's Web - Wilbur's Diary



This week we finally get to find out what Wilbur is up to now that he's moved to the Zuckerman's Farm. We will be reading Chapter 3 together this week and it's safe to say Wilbur had a VERY adventurous day! 


Your task by the end of the week is to have written a diary entry as Wilbur about his adventures in Chapter 3.  We suggest that this work takes THREE sessions.



Use this first session to spend time listening to Chapter 3 (the recording of Miss M reading this will be below). Once you have listened to this once, play it again and this time start writing notes about what happens in the chapter on a piece of paper. These notes will be your planning for the diary entry. It is important that you try and write the events in chronological order as best as you can. This will really help you when you come to write your diary entry. You can listen to the chapter as many times as you need to and you can edit your notes if they aren't in the right order. (There is a cheat sheet on here with almost all of the events written down so feel free to check this if you aren't sure). When you're happy that you've got all of the events written down start to have a think how Wilbur may be feeling at each of these points. Add these emotions to your notes- this will really help your writing in the next sessions. 



Spend a few minutes re-reading your notes from Session 1. When we last did diary entries in class we talked about them being informal and chatty, so for this task you can write like you talk- just remember you're trying to be Wilbur! Have a look at the example diary entry we have included to give you some ideas about how much detail we'd like to see. You can magpie (borrow) a few phrases if you want (like we'd do in class) but try to make this only one or two examples. 


When you're ready start have the key features checklist and the word mat nearby. Have a go at trying to include all the key features when you write your diary entry. The word mat is full of useful spellings that you may want to include in your diary entry. You can spend the rest of this session and Session 3 to write the diary entry. As you're writing it, really try to think how Wilbur would be feeling at each point and include this in your work.  Remember to keep using paragraphs too! 



Use this last session to finish off your diary entry, making sure that you have included sufficient detail AND tried to include the key features on the checklist (tick them off when you've found them in your work). 

When you have finished make sure you check/edit your work for any SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) errors and have a go at correcting these yourself. Then, for something a bit different, we'd like you to evaluate your own work by doing 2 stars and a wish. The 2 stars are for things that you are really happy with in your work. This could be using paragraphs, including the key features or adding lots of detail. The wish is for something that you think you could do better on and will try hard with next time.This could be your handwriting, spelling or even writing as a character! The choice is yours. 


When you've added your 2 stars and a wish send your work into your teacher. 


If you'd like any further help or advice please contact Miss Manley or Mr T. 

OPTIONAL: If you've finished and would like an extra task OR you're finding the work hard then have a go at creating a storyboard comic strip of Wilbur's day. Resources will be below. 

Charlotte's Web- Chapter 3 - Escape

Fantastic Work from Year 3!