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Charlotte's Web Writing Task - Persuasive Letter




This week we will continue our work on Charlotte's Web. As you should know by now, it wasn't always plain sailing for Fern and Wilbur. When Wilbur was first born, Fern's dad (Mr Arable) tried to kill him because he was the runt of the litter!  


Your task this week is to write a letter, as if you were Fern, persuading Mr Arable to spare Wilbur's life. The work for this task will be split over TWO sessions due to the Bank Holiday on Friday celebrating VE Day.


You may want to go back and have another listen to Chapter 1 if you want to use some of Fern's speech for your letter. 



Now that you know Fern's character traits, you will be able to put yourself in her shoes and think carefully about how she is feeling when she finds out her dad is about to kill the runt of the litter! 


Use this session to plan out what you would like to say in your letter to persuade your dad to spare the pig's life (remember you are trying to write as Fern). We have included a useful template below in the resources. You have had lots of practise at writing letters now, so please have a go at writing in paragraphs like you did for your 'Lockdown Letters'. On your plan, write down a list of  reasons why Wilbur should be saved and try to extend these reasons too. Have a look at the word/ phrase bank and the exemplar to give yourself some ideas. 


Then you'll need to come up with some solution! These solutions should be ideas to make Mr Arable's life easier so he is willing to keep the pig. Perhaps you could offer to feed and turn out the animals for a month? Maybe you will take care of the pig all on your own and not ask for help? Whatever these reasons are they must be good as we must save Wilbur! 




Before you start writing your letter, have another look through your plan and edit. Are most of the words spelled correctly? Have you got capital letters in the right places? Are the ideas as good as they could be? Have you thought of a more powerful emotive work that will convince Mr Arable to listen to you? Spend a few minutes going through your plan, make any changes you need to and choose 3/4 of your favourite reasons and solutions.  


Once you are happy with your plan, start writing your letter to persuade Mr Arable to let you keep the pig. Remember you are still writing as Fern! Have a go at doing your best handwriting throughout the piece (after all, would Mr Arable really let his daughter keep a pig if she didn't put a lot of effort into a letter). Challenge yourselves to use paragraphs for the different sections. Finally, if you can, try to include a rhetorical question.  A rhetorical question is a question where you don't expect an answer. They're often used to make the audience think, and that's exactly what we want Mr Arable to do! There are some examples of this on the word/ phrase bank in the resources for this week. 


We have included a fill in the gap letter to Mr Arable for children who would like to do the task but may find writing a full letter in role a bit challenging. 


If you would like any extra help or support please contact your teacher. 

Persuasive Writing Pointers

Year 3 - Persuasive Letters to Mr Arable