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Charlotte's Web - Newspaper (Pt 1)

English- Summer Term Week 7- Newspapers (Pt 1)

Over the next two weeks you will be learning how to be 'roving reporters' able to write about the latest news! Firstly though, you need to earn your journalist badge by practising key reporting skills. This week, you have been enrolled in the Copthorne Chronicles training department.


You have already had some experience in KS1 and in Year 3 writing reports. In the Spring Term, we learnt about powerful headlines and 5W introductions when we wrote about the Monster of the Sewers (Roger)! Now it's time to practise these skills again and learn more about the features of a newspaper and how to use quotes.


You will have THREE SESSIONS to brush up on your skills before reporting next week!



This is your introduction to the Copthorne Chronicles online training department. In this first session you will learn what the features of a newspaper report are. Your first task will be to read the PowerPoint and watch the short video. Then have a go at identifying the features on the task sheet, the editor has included the answers for you if you need further guidance. 



Now that you know what a newspaper is, it's time to start honing your writing skills. Your brief from the editor is to start writing and planning an article about YOUR lockdown experience. This could be about home learning but would be more interesting to talk about what you've been up to and how life is different. As you've already had a go at writing 5Ws and headlines in class, you will hopefully be able to have a go at writing your own now. Don't worry if it isn't perfect- just have a go! TOP TIP: Journalists will often write their 5Ws first then write their headlines it's much easier this way round.



Once you've got your headline and 5Ws it's time to collect some quotes. Quotes are incredibly useful in newspaper reports. They give someone's opinion and often enhance what you've written about in the article. Spend 10-20 minutes interviewing your family about their time in lockdown and get 2 or 3 quotes from them. Make sure you copy what they say accurately! Then start planning the rest of your article using the planning template given by writing bullet points about your experience and choosing appropriate quotes to go with them.


Next week you will be putting these skills to the test and writing your own report about the breaking news in Charlotte's Web! 


If you need any help or advice please contact your teacher. 

Year 3's Fantastic Newspaper Work from Week 7