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Art - Design a Roman Shield





As part of our new history topic on the Romans, you will be looking at the Roman Army, the world's first ever professional fighting force!


It was amazingly well-trained and well-equipped. One of their most formidable items carried was the shield - a large rectangular barrier, carried on the arm and easy to 'lock' together with other shields to make an impenetrable wall.


They were brightly coloured, often decorated with shiny metals to catch the sun. Roman shields were not about camouflage, they were all about power and intimidating (scaring!) the enemy as they approached!


Over the next 2 weeks, you are going to make your own Roman shield, this week designing and gathering materials, then next week making your own!


TASK 1 - WEEK 1 - Design You Roman Shield

CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW to see examples of Roman shield designs. There are also links to what they look like 'in action', as well as examples designed and made by children from around the country.


Your task this week is to DESIGN your shield. You may wish to come up with 2 or 3 ideas and choose your favourite for next week.


Things to think about and include could be:

  • Most Roman shields (but not all) were rectangular in shape
  • They had simple, clear designs, often reflected (mirrored) across the middle (both halves reflect the same patterns and pictures)
  • Designs included: lightning bolts, eagle (or powerful bird) heads, wings, items carried by the Roman gods (trident / bolts of lightning / winged horse / spears etc...)
  • Solid block of colour - red, black, purple etc...
  • Bright gold or silver edging or coloured areas to reflect light


You can use one of the blank templates below to help you, or simply draw your own design straight onto paper (or computer) if you prefer.


TASK 2 - WEEK 1 - Start Collecting Materials

Next week you are MAKING the shield, so you will need to start collecting materials. I will make sure there are really clear step-by-step instructions to follow, so don't panic!


Things you may need (not everything!):

  • Flat cardboard sheet - could be from a large box - or several cardboard sheets that could be joined together to make a larger area
  • Extra bits of card for template designs (these make it easier to draw onto shield)
  • Tin or coloured foil
  • Paint - one block colour (e.g. red) and maybe yellow or a bright colour for pictures
  • Scissors
  • Glue / tape (may want some stronger tape for handle)


Gallery of Year 3 Roman Shield Designs

Roman Shield Designs by Year 3 - PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents