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Miniature Art Challenge

Your task this week is to draw the images on the list in miniature style. Each picture should be no more than 5cm x 5cm. More instructions are on the picture below. Also, scroll down to see guidance for sketching (composition, shape, detail and tone) with an example.


I just thought I would refresh your memory about some of those art skills you have worked so hard on throughout school.


Try to remember the 4 key ingredients to drawing: composition, shape, detail, and tone.

1. Composition - think about how your drawing is going to fill the space, you can zoom in and just draw a section of the object to create a more interesting composition.

2. Shape - Try and lightly sketch out the shape of the object as a guide but remember objects in real life don’t have clear outlines round them.

3. Detail - try to use different mark making techniques to create details and textures. You could try using the pencil on it’s side, stippling, dots, cross hatching, small lines etc.

4. Tone - this is the shading, so remember to look at where the darkest sections are and where the lightest sections are on the object you are drawing to create a more 3D effect.


Perhaps aim for a couple of careful drawings a day so you can take your time with each sketch. Here are a couple of examples to help:



I hope these tips are helpful and I look forward to seeing your sketches.

Dr James