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Art Draw with Rob - Self Portrait



On Friday this week, we have a special project day ... "The Great British (Year 3) Bake Off!"


During the week, there will be several tasks set to prepare you for this event, including work with advertising posters, packaging, instructions and reviews ... as well as baking!


A task later in the week will be to create an advertising poster for your baked product (whether it is a cake, cookies, biscuits, brownies, cup cakes or something else). For this you will need a cartoon picture of YOURSELF right in the middle as 'The Baker'.


So, today, you are going to practice drawing your SELF PORTRAIT with Rob! 


Click on the link below to jump to the 'Year 3 Art Zone' and the 'Draw with Rob' section.


Here you will see a fantastic gallery of last year's Year 3 Draw with Rob tasks to get you inspired, including a few self-portraits!


Click on the 'DRAW WITH ROB' webpage link to jump to his website.


Your task this week is to draw along with video number 9: "SELF PORTRAIT".