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25th March 2020

Update on resources - 25.3.20

It has been wonderful to hear from so many families through email. We love hearing what you are doing! Some parents/carers have asked the same questions so I wanted to share my response for all to see: 


Q.Is my learning timetable good enough?

A. Thank your for sharing your timetables and home routines. If the timetable you have agreed as a family is working for you all; is not too ambitious to implement with competing commitments; and, you are all enjoying what you are doing together, then it most definitely OK!  Please keep in perspective that this is not homeschooling, but an unprecedented emergency situation impacting on the whole world. It is also absolutely not possible to facilitate learning with a primary-aged child and work from home at the same time. Be kind to yourselves about what is possible - keep it pleasurable! 


Q. How often will Year 6 teachers put new work on this website? Is the current work expected to last this week or until Easter?

What we have shared with you are suggestions for activities to do at home. They are not compulsory and there is no timescale for completion. Maths and Reading Comprehension revision books have been sent home, as well as a set of suggested tasks on the website. We have also provided links to a wide range of learning resources to explore with your children. Please use these at your leisure, if you wish to.


We will add additional tasks after Easter for the start of the summer term, so that there are fresh activities available.


We are always happy to recommend specific additional activities for your individual child or situation, so contact us directly if that is the case.


New resource ideas!


With adult permission, children could try:


And remember to use the countless free resources on Discovery Education ESPRESSO with video, activities, games and quizzes for ALL subjects.


Keep safe as a family. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Dr J